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Celebrating the dance moves and music from the Motor City. Motown music built the careers of some of our most favourite artists and our magnificent floorshow Motown Magic brings the best of the best to your event. Incorporating medleys by the “Jackson 5”, “The Supremes”, and “The Four Tops” amongst others songs, your guests will be singing along and elatedly dancing in their seats. 

Show options

Motown Magic is the only Motown shows of its kind in Melbourne and is unquestionably ideal for corporate events as the music style is truly entertaining and suits a full range of age groups. The costuming is glamorous, stylish, authentic and modest, and the choreography is energetic and truly engaging. Our Male and female vocalists are ‘Diva’ divine and the assorted sound track is nostalgic.

“Motor City” Detroit brought that “Motown sound”- a worldwide phenomenon beloved by millions to this day. Berry Gordy’s Motown changed the world as it brought together a racially divided country and segregated society around the world. Touching the hearts of many races and ages, Motown made its mark around the world. Motown, from Detroit USA, a sub-genre of soul, is a  rhythmic music influenced by gospel; part store front church gospel, part jazz on a Saturday night, part street corner symphony – this was a sound unlike anything listeners had ever heard before. Motown merged the call-and-response patterns of black gospel music with the improvisation and syncopation of the be-bop movement of jazz.

Our authentic, commercial dance show, complete with live vocalists, Motown Magic, celebrates the best of the best artists, songs and sharp dance moves, from an era that without a doubt changed music for the world. High-style suits and co-ordinated outfits, artists became well known for their sharp wardrobes, polished style and crisp dance routines. Men in sleek suits and divas in their sequined dresses, Motown artist certainly had style.

Motown Magic

This floor show runs for approx. 20-30 minutes approx and finishes with the audience being invited to dance with us on stage. The show cast includes a cast of 6 performers. Within the cast are 3 male and 3 female performers. We suggest live vocals in the show (at least one male and one female live singers) and these vocalists also dance. A cast of 6 performers.

Little Motor City

This show is merely a fragment of the full show however is still outstanding. It runs for approx 8 minutes and allows for a smaller cast of 3 performers. The show works best with 1 -2 live singers in the cast also, however if you do not wish to have live singing, we can certainly make it an all dancers cast.