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Silver Service Surprise Dancing Waiters



From Silver Service to flash mob, an evening to savour and remember....

Catch your guests off guard with these surprising, awesomely talented, under cover, dancing waiters. The evening will start off as usual; your guests completely comfortable that their evening will run in the usual, uniform manner.

Entrées will be served, no different to any other fabulous standard corporate event. Our sneaky under-cover waiters will come out, and begin to work as waiters for a good 20 minutes or so, allowing the guests to have familiarised themselves with your guests and staff.

All of a sudden...A clumsy waiters drops a tray – BANG!…what’s the commotion? What is happening? Who are these waiters???

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Book our extremely well received, successful approx 15-20 minute show, mixing fabulous tracks from 70s songs- to 80s break dance tracks- to 90s pop- good old rock- to current hits! Our Silver Service Flash mob Surprise Dancing Waiters’ show that is ready to go and jam-packed with fun, uplifting songs. The sound track has been selected through extensive experience from previous corporate and private functions- so we know the formula on how to impress and keep you captivated and thoroughly entertained for the duration of the show. We have incorporated a brilliant blend of humour, skill and ‘Wow’ factor, and we know that the show is fabulous for and corporate event and private function! We also offer a pure "Hip hop and break dance - BREAKING WAITERS SHOW", JUST ASK!

The FX Entertainment performers were absolutely fantastic and created the perfect vibe for the event...

Kim — Community Relations, McDonalds

We also specialize in creating tailored flash mobs to suit your event, product launch, company name, or themed event. Select your own song(s) and we will edit the music, choreograph the show, direct the cast and create it for you. We can also write a theme song for you, if your budget allows. The flash mob Silver Service surprise dancing waiters are Ideal for Corporate Functions, birthdays, Product launches and Weddings.

No, we are not the cheapest flash mob group out there- but we are a quality, reliable service show. The Silver Service Flash mob Surprise Dancing Waiters, only employ professional dancers, no students or inexperienced performers. There are many variables that can affect the success of a flash mob and our job is to ensure that there is as little risk as possible of anything wavering off the intended plan and execution of your flash mob.

As expected within the entertainment industry, for your peace of mind, our professional dance company has dance insurance, public liability and work cover. This is most certainly necessary with interactive shows and with acrobatic performers/breakers, alleviating you from any responsibility of any possible injuries to your guests or our dancers, Feel free to request a copy of our certifications.


With ANY of the above options, why not extend the flash mob to be a much larger group by actually incorporating you and your staff or friends?

You and your staff, can also be in the flash mob. We will work with you to tailor the show to your specific event so that we achieve a seamless transition from Silver Service to Flash Mob.

A big thank you for helping create a beautiful memory that me and my new fiancé will forever cherish...



Yes, it is your special event and we will cater for you to suit your theme! Request any song that you would like you flash mob to be to and we will create it for you! Yes- you can be in it also! Ask us how.

Propose to your loved one or celebrate your special event with a personalised flashmob. We will cater to your needs and design it beautifully, incorporating your loved ones, friends and family in to the flash mob, at your request — ask us how!

You have been a pleasure to work with and your dancers were fabulous...


If you require a personalised show be created to suit your corporate or private event, and you would like to choose your own soundtrack, we can most certainly assist.

We will tailor a flashmob to suit your product launch, your event or to suit your business, product or corporate event. We will provide you with our recommendations an advice on how it will work best for you based on our extensive history and experience.

Flash mobs may be cheaper elsewhere, however these types of shows should be professional and run smoothly. There are plenty of variables with flash mobs so it truly does matter about the quality of service you are being provided and the professional entertainers you are working with. We pride ourselves in providing a reliable, professional, predictable and non-stressful personalised service, ensuring your flash mob experience is successful and fulfilling.

Some of our previous corporate flash mob clients have been:

  • McDonalds
  • A2 Milk
  • Subaru
  • Mercedes
  • Adairs
  • Lorraine Lea
  • BP
  • Crown Casino Village Cinemas
  • ANZ
  • Nimble Storage

...just to mention a few.

Tailored jingle and song to suit your event

We also offer you the option of creating your own tailored soundtrack to accompany your tailored flash mob, to suit your company name, product launch or themed event.

Simply ask us for a chat and a quote today. 

We can also recommend royalty free music for product launches or flashmobs that will be on youtube at a later date at www.audiopit.net